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Elevate your meal with Marinelli True Italian Pasta Sauce, made from the best all natural ingredients.

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Only the best, Fresh Ingredients

Made in the Niagara Region in small quantities, our sauce utilizes only fresh ingredients made by hand to satisfy your discerning palate.


Spanish Onions


Olive Oil

Genovese Basil

Black Pepper

Marinelli is a celebration of life.

Twenty-one years ago, I decided to commercialize the sauce my wife Lisa and I would make and give away to friends every Christmas. Coming from a long line of restaurateurs, it was only natural to experiment with the process of creating something authentic, inspired by true Italian provenance.

I knew it was ready when the aroma evoked childhood memories of my mother’s sauce bubbling on the stove on a warm Sunday morning.

Adriano Marinelli

Good for Body & Soul

Fine and Refined

Our collection of sauce is vegan, keto, gluten-free, non GMO, without sugar added and made with award-winning, freshly pressed certified extra virgin olive oil. The finest quality made with love and dedication.

Use the sauce as is, as the foundation for your family’s favourite Italian dish, or impress your guests with added sophistication at your next gathering!

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four delicious Sauces

The true classic
Classic Marinara

The sauce that no pantry should be without. Fresh onions, fresh peeled garlic, and cold pressed, COOC-certified, 100% extra virgin olive oil combine to make an authentic marinara that many have called the best they have ever tasted. A simple, flavourful, and versatile sauce for every type of pasta or culinary creation you can imagine.

$85 per case of six jars Includes free shipping, each jar 720ml
The best breath
Slow Roasted Garlic

Bursting full of whole sweet Garlic flavour, each and every clove is hand selected in house then slowly cooked to maximize a rich mellow garlic taste that is unmistakable. After roasting, it is blended with our authentic original recipe which results in a distinct taste that pairs well with pork, fish and chicken based dishes.

$85 per case of six jars Includes free shipping, each jar 720ml
The spice of life
Spicy peperoncino Arrabiatta

Arrabiatta means “angry” in Italian, but this sauce will put a smile on your face if you crave something spicy! We start with hand-selected Italian pear tomatoes and then add fresh chili peppers, giving this sauce the right balance of sweetness and heat. Try it over pasta, on pizza, or even as a dipping sauce.

$85 per case of six jars Includes free shipping, each jar 720ml
The fresh one
Vine Tomato & Basil

As a fan favourite and most versatile sauce, this classic Italian sauce pays respect to our regional heritage by combining the simplest of ingredients to achieve a True Italian flavour. Made with certified cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, hand selected tomatoes, and aromatic basil leaves individually picked by hand in our own kitchen.

$85 per case of six jars Includes free shipping, each jar 720ml
Variety Pack

This most popular option lets you obtain your sauces in a single combined pack so you can experience all of them at once! Perfect for all the delicious different recipes you’ll need to try.

$85 per case of six jars Includes free shipping, each jar 720ml
2 Marinara, 2 Garlic, 1 Tomato Basil, 1 Spicy

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